1. Eat 40% Local Challenge

YOU can help create a vibrant local food system by participating in the Eat 40% Local Challenge!

The Corvallis Sustainability Coalition defines “local” as food that is grown, made, or processed in a six-county area (Benton, Lane, Lincoln, Linn, Marion, and Polk). This definition is called “Local 6”.

One of the Food goals of the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition is 40% local by 2020. That’s an ambitious goal, since the current estimate is just 7%. But considering how much food is grown and produced in the Local 6 area throughout the year, it’s entirely doable to eat 40% local. We hope you'll join us in this challenge!

THANK YOU you for filling out the survey below to pledge your participation in the Eat 40% Local Challenge.

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* 8. Would you like to join a “Local Food Dinner Club” to share meals, ideas, and recipes?

* 9. We need your help! Please share any ideas you may have for engaging more community members in the Eat 40% Local Challenge.