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Thank you for your participation in our Easy 2 Know Survey. 

This Survey is designed with a two-fold purpose.  We'll both find out if it's worthwhile to invest a few more minutes in conversation about your company and our services, and it may also allow you a moment to pause and begin to reflect on your business in a way that your daily grind doesn't permit.

This is a brief survey that will only take a few minutes to complete. (It's really just one "complete this sentence" question with a LONG list of possible responses.) Despite this, you'll be very surprised at how much we'll be able to tell you about your business from the patterns your responses create.  

These response patterns will identify issues that you are well aware of...and perhaps uncover some that lurk camouflaged in the thicket of familiarity, or masquerade about in full view as something that they're not. (It's funny how sometimes things are much easier to see, when you don't see them much.) 

While these simple steps often produce some surprisingly large realizations, the key to that is you. Step away from your day-to-day perspective as owner or executive, and view your organization as an objective observer.  To maximize the value, select your responses without over-analyzing...just trust your initial "gut feeling" and click and move on. 

After you complete this survey, if the results warrant...we'll review it with you to explain what we see in the patterns you're responses have created, and what that might mean for your business.

Fear not...We'll make no big sales pitch to create need or interest where it doesn't exist...that's not part of our model.  We just don't have the time (or the interest)...and neither do you.  The value of the analysis speaks for itself.

We hope you'll find the experience interesting and thought-provoking.

Thanks again for your time and participation.  Every completed survey holds statistical insight and learning potential for us, and we look forward to sharing some ideas on what value it might hold for your organization's growth and success.  

May good business fortune smile upon you until then.

Best Regards,

Michael Sims
Ngage! Employee Engagement & Development. Inc.
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