Thank you for attending the 2018 Early Years Conference. We are seeking feedback from delegates to help us review the content and structure of the 2018 conference, as well as start planning for our 2020 conference. The survey will take about  5 minutes to complete and your feedback / comments will only be viewed by the Early Years conference planning commitee.

* 1. I attended:

* 2. My field of work is:

* 3. Please indicate your level of agreement with each of the following  statements about the conference listed below:

  Stongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree
I was able to easily access all the information required on the Early Years Conference website.
The conference program was easy to follow.
The conference abstracts were well presented.
There was a good variety of themes to choose from in the presentations / workshops.
Oppurtunities were available to make connections with other services.
The content of the presentations was relevant and informative.
I can utilise the information / knoweldge gained in my work.
I would recommend this conference to collegues.

* 4. An APP has been available for participants to access in 2018.  We would appreciate your comments to support  development and use of the APP for Early Years Conference in the future.

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strong agree
I was able to access the APP easily
The APP enhanced my engagement in the conference
The APP supported networking at the conference
The APP was easy to navigate
I would use the APP at a future Early Years Conference

* 5. What was the highlight of the Early Years Conference?

* 6. Which speaker/s stood out for you?

* 7. What key message will you take from the conference and how will you use this in your work?

* 8. Do you have suggestions for speakers and/or topics for the 2020 conference?

* 9. What are some suggestions on how the conference could be improved in the future?

* 10. Any further comments?