Dear Parents / Caregivers of MCC Students

From Term 2 2017 Mannum Community College has organised its timetable around an “Early Dismissal” on Wednesday afternoons. This has enabled staff to complete focussed uninterrupted whole school and subschool collaborative sessions where, amongst other, operational issues, we have:

· Produced subschool agreements in Literacy eg TEEL paragraphs, Vocabulary Tiers

· Moderated student work to ensure consistency in the A-E allocation of grades within our school and across the Murraylands Partnership

· Improved task design to ensure multiple entry and exit points for students of different abilities

· Developed a common agreement based on Restorative Practices at MCC

· Received additional training in the OnePlan process and use of the school based hearing devices

The granting of the “Early Dismissal” was dependent on a Term 4 review in readiness for 2018, hence the need for this survey.

Please complete the survey promptly and honestly by November 20th 2017; we look forward to your answers.

A de-identified summary of the results will be provided in the newsletter later in the term.

Please feel welcome to contact me if you have any questions regarding this survey.


Kylie Eggers
Principal, Mannum Community College

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