1. Residence Life Break Occupancy Agreement

As a student at Defiance College, I will need to have access to my Residence Hall until Commencement: Thursday, May 1st at noon through Sunday, May 4th following Commencement.

I understand that the buildings will be closed and access to residence life staff will be minimized. By filling out this occupancy agreement I agree to the following guidelines:

1. I understand that all college policies stated in the Student Handbook are in effect and I will adhere to these policies. If found in violation of these policies I understand my privileges to stay during future breaks will be denied and I will face disciplinary action.

2. I will not let anyone into the building under any circumstances.

3. I understand that I may NOT have any guests or visitors during this time period.

4. If I do not stay in the residence hall for the entire break, I will go through the check out process as I leave.

5. I understand that if I stay in my room past Sunday, May 4th that I will be charged for summer housing.

I understand that violation of this contract will result in my immediate removal from the halls, will prevent my ability to remain in the building during breaks in the future and will result in discipline proceedings.

Students who are NOT approved to stay in housing will be contacted by the Office of Residence Life. All other residents will receive notification of acceptance on Tuesday, April 29th.

* 1. Student's First Name:

* 2. Student's Last Name:

* 3. Student ID #:

* 4. What residence hall do you live in?:

* 5. What is the room number you live in?

* 6. Dates Requesting Access:

* 7. Reason for Access:

* 8. Your Cell Phone Number:

* 9. What is your school email address i.e.jdoe001@defiance.edu?