Survey Reflecting Q1: January, February, and March

Please answer the following questions in regards to your employment during the months of January, February, and March. If you were not employed at this time, do not complete this survey.

* 1. Were you employed at Ekhaya Youth Project for any duration of time in the months of January, February, and/or March?

* 2. Please select the region of your employment.

* 3. Please select  program

* 4. Please evaluate the following statements.

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Disagree Nor Agree Agree Strongly Agree
Ekhaya Youth Project, Inc. goals and objectives are clearly stated and communicated to all employees.
Ekhaya Youth Project, Inc is managed in a manner that results in optimal outcomes for youth/families.
Ekhaya Youth Project, Inc. leadership and management openly encourage feedback and input regarding its operations.
There are adequate opportunities for my input in Ekhaya Youth Project, Inc. planning process.
I feel comfortable completing a suggestion and/or grievance.
I am aware of the location and the process for filing a grievance or making an
anonymous suggestion.
I am confident that my suggestions and grievances are considered by management.
My job description matches my actual job duties.
My direct supervisor clearly defines my job responsibilities.
I have adequate time for completing my assigned duties.
Ekhaya Youth Project, Inc. allows adequate time for informing employees of mandatory meetings and engagements.
I am aware of the chain of command.
Ekhaya Youth Project, Inc. treats all employees equally, fairly, consistently, and with respect.
I am confident that Ekhaya Youth Project, Inc. will honor their promises.
I am satisfied with the leadership/management of Ekhaya Youth Project, Inc..
I am satisfied with the manner in which leadership communicates policy, procedures, and directives to employees.
I am satisfied with the level of supervision and communication.
I am satisfied with the productivity stipend compensation granted.
I am satisfied with the progression of team member benefits at Ekhaya Youth Project, Inc..
I am satisfied with the organization as a place to work.
I am satisfied with my regional manager’s response time when I have concerns.

* 5. What could the company do to enhance your satisfaction as a team member?