The focus of Employee Experience (EX) is one that covers all points of contact with an employee journey, from hire-to-retire.

It takes ques from more developed areas of customer experience (CX) from predominant service industries, and user experience (UX) from the information Technology (IT) sectors and applies these within an organisational and people setting. 

The philosophy involves tracking of these moments in time and then mapping what successful and positive interactions look like and then replicating these so they can be used when attracting, motivating and retaining better employees.  

The aim of this research is to provide an understanding of Employee Experience as it applied to the Australian workforce and identify if there is the ability to design Employee Experience programs to encompass generational difference that could contribute to higher employee engagement. 

Higher employee engagement is a measurable item that is commonly associated with higher productivity and increased company profitability.  

This research assesses if there are statistical differences between societal norms and generations and if an EX program designed to specifically service specific generations could lead to improved engagement that would in turn improve organisational performances. 

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