Participant Scorecard Submission

Students enrolled in EXCEL, hosted by University of Missouri Extension in Greene County, may submit their points and project information using this survey. Here is the current list of possible events and the point totals you can earn with these.


· Attend annual meeting of Greene County Farm Bureau, monthly meeting of Greene County Commission, or a monthly meeting of the Greene County Extension Council. — (5 points per visit, max of 2 times)


· Attend an introduction to Community Leadership and EXCEL presentation. —(10 points)

· Attend a SMART goals presentation or meet with program director one-on-one. — (10 points)

· Tour the Greene County or Federal Prison. — (10 points)

· Attend annual Salute to Century and Family Farms event. — (10 points)

· Attend Annual Meeting of the Greene County Extension Council (in February).  — (10 points)

· Attend a community Chamber of Commerce leadership tour or special event. — (10 points)

· Read an approved book on leadership and write a 400 word report on the book. — (10 points)

· Have a mentoring meeting/lunch with an EXCEL alum — (10 points)

· Work as a county election judge in any election. — (10 points)

· Arrange an host an educational program at your place of work. — (10 points)


· Attend a Greene County Mayors Association Meeting. (These are held quarterly). — (15 points)

· Attend a city council meeting in Greene County and introduce EXCEL during public input. —(15 points)

· Lead a book discussion on a leadership book (from approved list) at work or at the library. — (15 points)


· Work on (or assist with) a previous EXCEL project in partnership with an EXCEL alum. — (20 points)

· Attend an event involving a different ethic group or religion in Greene County and write about the experience. Needs pre-approval but could involve attending a cultural festival, service of a different religion, or museum. — (20 points)



· Attend MU Extension Leadership Event at the Capital in Jefferson City. — (25 points) - planned group event

· Attend a David Novack Leadership Series at Mizzou in Columbia. — (25 points) - planned group event

· Attend and help coordinate a “Betterment Night” event in Ash Grove, Willard, Walnut Grove, Republic, Fair Grove, Strafford, Rogersville or Bois D’Arc. These events will focus on needs in the community, county resources, and non-profits in that community and opportunities to volunteer locally. — (25 points)

· Volunteer a minimum of 10 hours with a local community non-profit and document it. — (25 points)



· Create, implement and report on an approved community project. —(75 points)

· Attend a Supervisory Certificate Program conducted by MU Extension.  — (40 points)

· Enroll in MU Extension’s “Leadership Online for Today” program and graduate. — (75 points)

· Host a leadership round table discussions in your community involving the mayor and council members or other community leaders and members on community needs or leadership. - (30 points)

· Organize and lead a 4-H SPIN Club focused on leadership. SPIN Clubs meet just 6—8 times and focus on a special topic of interest. Must complete the needed 4-H paperwork through MU Extension. — (75 points)



· Other activities will be added. Points will depend on the level of leadership and involvement required. Class members are encouraged to think about ways they can engage students/the public in any event.

· Special leadership classes coord

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* 3. Date and location of the event you are reporting on or when you completed this activity.

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* 4. If required for your points on this item, provide here a brief (400 words or less) narrative Include how  this event or project be could helpful to future EXCEL members.

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* 5. A contact name and phone/email for someone we could contact regarding your involvement with event or activity being reported on.

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* 6. Based on the scorecard in your packet or available online, what is the point total for this activity.

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* 7. If reporting on one of the required EXCEL activities, please mark the one that applies.

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* 9. Is there anything else you’d like to share about this particular project or the current EXCEL program?