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Initiated by the U.S. Department of Energy, Energetics is leading an electric vehicle and charging station data collection project, EV WATTS ( The EV WATTS program will create a transportation electrification dataset that will inform future research, development, and deployment. The project will collect charging station and plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) data through 2022. Energetics will remove all personally identifiable information from collected data to protect sensitive information and ensure the final dataset is anonymized.

Energetics is seeking PEV owners who are willing to share vehicle data. EV WATTS will cover the costs to provide Geotab telematics hardware, installation, and subscription service for up to 18-months. All participants will have access to their own driving data through the myGeotab desktop dashboard. This dashboard provides access to instantaneous reporting on fuel economy, mileage, maintenance issues, faults, and vehicle activity.   

The Geotab telematics device connects to the vehicle engine diagnostic port beneath the dashboard. To maximize installation efficiency, the EV WATTS team seeks to coordinate groups of around 20 vehicles to gather at a pre-determined location and day for a professional telematics installation. Self-installation may be possible if the driver is comfortable opening the vehicle dashboard, connecting the harness, and completing the installation process.

If you own or lease an all-electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and would be interested in having a Geotab telematics device installed for providing data to the EV WATTS program, please answer the questions on the following page.
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