Welcome to the online survey „EU Presidency priorities 2019 - 2020"!

This online survey makes part of the  public consultation about the priorities of the next EU presidency trio made up of Romania, Finland and Croatia, which will steer the Council of the EU from January 2019 until June 2020.  This public consultation has been launched by Croatian civil society organisations Gong and CROSOL - the Croatian Citizens' Platform for International Solidarity, in cooperation with SOLIDARNA Foundation.
The purpose of this public consultation is to detect the problems and solutions that European active citizens consider critical for the democratic and sustainable development of the EU and protection of the European values over the upcoming two years of the new EU presidency. 

Public consultation results will serve as a basis for agreement on common advocacy and awareness raising agenda of the Croatian, Romanian and Finnish civil society organizations, in collaboration with their counterparts throughout EU and the enlargement countries in the Western Balkans, as well as with EU policy experts and social partners.

You can respond to this online survey either before or after taking part in the public consultation through the online consultations civil society platform SAVJETODAVNA , where you can comment thematic policy briefs related to the hot EU issues in focus of our attention. You can also fill out this survey,  without taking part in other public consultation activities.

Please state your contact information in the survey (last question) - your personal data will be known to the public consultation organizers only and will be used exclusively for providing you with direct feedback on the public consultation results via email.  No anonymous responses will be processed, in order to ensure credibility of this public consultation. Thank you for your understanding in this respect. 
The results of this public consultation, including online survey results, will be publicly presented on October 9, 2018 in Zagreb, at the international conference "The Role of EU Presidency in protecting the European values", co-organized by Gong and CROSOL. 

For any further technical or other questions, please contact public consultations administrators Ivan Blažević, or Branka Juran, CROSOL,

Donors: This public consultation has been financially supported by the EU's "Europe for Citizens" Programme and the "Centres for Excellence" Programme of the National Foundation for Civil Society Development, Croatia. 

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* 1. Please rate and rank the following issues in respect to their IMPORTANCE for the next EU Presidency 2019-20 (trio - Romania, Finland, Croatia):

  1 - This issue is not important at all at present and over the next two years.  2 - This issue is somewhat important yet no special action is needed on part of EU presidency. 3 - This is a useful and much welcome  issue if the new EU presidency has enough will and time. 4 - This is a very important issue, EU presidency should address it, yet not as a priority. 5 - This issue MUST be one of the 3-5 priorities of the new EU presidency!
Protection of  European values from right-wing attacks and systematic violations of the rule of law by individual member states. 
Adoption and implementation of the new EU budget 2021-27 (Multiyear Financial Framework, new legislation, new funding programmes). 
Coordination of the EU institutions upon the May 2019 European Parliament elections.
 Improvements of the EU's democratic governance - further institutional reforms oriented towards greater transparency, accountability and citizen participation. 
Energy security and sustainability of the EU.
Mainstreaming climate action and sustainable development as fundamental principles of the EU's economic policy  (circulareconomy, moving beyond the growth paradigm). 
European Pillar of Social Rights - adequate financing and through implementation, geared towards lower social and economic inequalities across the EU.
Digital Europe  - systematic digitization in all sectors, taking  full account of privacy protection.
EU enlargement to the Western Balkans as a lasting priority until 2025.
Management of migrations, asylum and integration  in line with the proclaimed European values of solidarity and EU's international obligations. 
Better connectivity across the EU and Europe -  transport and ICT infrastructure, mobility programmes. 
Investments into innovations, research and development.
EU as a global political actor promoting peace, just and sustainable development, addressing  global inequalities and poverty.
Establishing a new set of constructive relations between EU and UK upon Brexit. 
Targeted and systematic fight against corruption at the level of EU institutions and member states. 
The future of Eurozone and its governance. 
The future of Schengen, its expansion and management. 
Regulation of social networks and media in order to ensure quality of public information, prevent fake news and discourage hate speech. 

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* 2. Please list 3 main problems or open questions relevant for the next EU Presidency trio, which should be addressed and pursued proactively  by civil society  organizations, independent experts, journalists and active citizens across Europeall those who care about democratic and sustainable EU, where human rights and people's well-being are truly protected.  

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* 3. Do  you want to get involved as an individual or as an organization in the collaborative platform of civil society which will try to influence the next EU Presidency 2019-2020?  The platform will be active in Croatia as well as internationally, together with respective civil society platforms in Finland and Romania, experts, social partners and European civil society networks  promoting  democracy, sustainable development and human rights.


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