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Consent to processing of personal data
The processing of data (performed by European Forest Institute  - EFI) entails:
-       EFI may process your responses to produce project deliverables and scientific publications
-       EFI may share your responses with experts or national authorities (including ethics commissions), subject to appropriate confidentiality arrangements, for the purpose of examining and controlling that they have been accurately taken into account in the study.
-       EFI may process the responses and other personal data as needed to comply with applicable laws and regulations
-       EFI may share your responses (contact information, topical interest and preferred mode of engagement) within the project consortia for contacting you in the context of implementation of project’s tasks
-       EFI may reuse your responses in future EUFORE-related activities

The personal information provided by you will not be kept for longer than is needed to fulfil these purposes. No one aside from a small research team will have access to data. Data is kept on protected servers.

Consent to participate in the study
Your consent to this privacy policy is acknowledged by choosing to fill in the questionnaire. It entails that:
-       You have been informed about the study in writing, and about how your response and other personal data will be analyzed and anonymized. You have understood this information.
-       You have had sufficient time to make a decision to participate in the study.
-       You understand that you are free to withdraw from the study at any time without having to give a reason for withdrawing.
-       You can ask for a copy of your data at any time
-       You agree that your email is transferred to MailChimp to receive project news and highlights (if you want to receive this information). You can unsubscribe from this service anytime
For any inquiries or feedback that you may have, please contact Marko Lovrić
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