Thank you for using the ETD+ Toolkit, produced by the Educopia Institute's ETDplus project, with support from IMLS.  

We look forward to hearing about your first-hand experience piloting these materials. The ETDplus project team, in conjunction with the Educopia Institute, is collecting feedback from instructors. Results will also be used to improve the Toolkit and also for the purposes of project reporting. 

Your candid response is much appreciated.

* 1. Which of the ETD+ Toolkit Modules did you pilot? Select all that apply.

* 2. When did the program(s) or event(s) take place? 

* 4. What type(s) of learners attended? Select all that apply.

* 5. Which method(s) did you use to deliver the content?

* 6. How easy was it to use the following curricular resources made available to you through this pilot?

  1 - Not at all easy to use 2 - Somewhat easy to use 3 - Easy to use 4 - Very easy to use
The "About the Toolkit" materials (video, overview PDF, Administrator's Guide, and Student Guide)
The Guidance Briefs
The slide decks and talking points
The handouts 
The learning objectives

* 7. What feedback, if any, do you have on these curricular resources? Could anything specific be improved?

* 8. Do you plan on using any of the ETD+ Toolkit materials again?

* 9. Please share any other comments for the ETDplus project team to consider.

* 10. Are you a fan of what we've created? If so, help us spread the word by sharing a quote for the project team to use in future marketing and outreach efforts. Include your name if you'd like the comment to be personally attributed with yourself or your program.