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* 1. Course organiser name

* 2. Contact email address

* 3. Contact phone number

* 4. Which module would you like to request the delivery of?

* 5. On what date(s) would you like this module to be delivered?
Please note that all requests must be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to first delivery date.

Second date if split delivery

* 6. What start and end time(s) would you like for this module delivery?

Start time (delivery 1)
End time (delivery 1)
Start time (delivery 2)
End time (delivery 2)

* 7. Do you have a venue for this course?

* 8. How many people do you expect to have attending this course?

* 9. Please provide some background to the group who will attend the training.

* 10. Are you happy for this course to be open to other participants outwith your group?

* 11. Any other notes, questions or requests on the training.

* 12. When your request has been processed and confirmed the training date(s) will be added to the ETC website - www.etcashback.org.uk All those attending the training must register on the website and book their place prior to delivery.

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