Thank you for completing the following survey for the Edmonton String Players Association. This will assist us with planning future alumni reunions, fundraisers and future communications about the program. All answers will be kept confidential.

* 1. Did you play an instrument in the Music Enrichment Program?

* 2. When did you participate in the EPSB String Music Enrichment Program?

* 3. What instrument(s) did you play?

* 4. Did you attend music classes (your instrument only), orchestra rehearsals, or both?

* 5. Would you like to be contacted for any future alumni reunion events?

* 6. Would you like to participate in any future fundraising activities to raise funds for this not for profit program?

* 7. If you answered Yes in Question 6, what fundraising events appeal to you?

  Not interested No preference Interested
Volunteer at a casino
Selling/buying items such as grocery cards, chocolates, craft sales
Purchasing tickets for future concerts
Making a one-time or regular monetary donation to the program (tax receipts provided for all gifts over $25)

* 8. Would you be interested in participating in music related events such as audition commitees, to help young musicians with getting placed in our orchestras (Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Singing Strings)?

* 9. What is your preferred method of contact?