Thank you for your interest in signing up for an educational energy audit! Those that have an audit will receive a NEED energy management kit as a thank you for participating in this optional ESP opportunity.

Below you will provide your contact information and availability preferences. If you have a partnering school, please select dates close together.

DOUBLE CHECK that the date(s) you select do not interfere with school holidays, conferences, field trips, etc. The Certified Energy Managers travel from out of state to conduct these and rescheduling is difficult to do.
Virtual Offering:
Using the school's platform or NEED's Zoom platform, our Certified Energy Manager can conduct a virtual educational energy audit with your students. While virtual, supplies are sent ahead of time for an engaging learning experience for your students.

In Person Offering:
The in person educational energy audit is designed for a group of 10-20 students max. The Certified Energy Manager (CEM) may be able to briefly chat with your entire class, but participation in the audit itself is limited to 20 students total. These students can then go back to the class and/or their energy team and relay what they did and their findings. The audit generally lasts 2-3 hours, but details can be worked out with the energy manager based on your class schedule.

A school staff member must be present with the CEM at all times during the energy audit. Please make sure you have your principal's approval before signing up for an audit date. Our energy managers travel from out of state and book airfare and hotel rooms based on the audit schedule each week.

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* What days of the week work best to schedule the energy audit -AND- please list if you prefer a morning or afternoon time slot  (e.g., "I prefer Tuesday afternoons").  You may also let us know below if there are specific days/times to avoid.

Be sure to check your school calendar when selecting preferred dates so it does not interfere with testing, school holidays, teacher work days, etc.

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* Please share with us any School Visitor Policies (background check, show ID, health screener, etc.) that may be required for the presenter to complete prior to their scheduled presentation visit.