Elanora SHS Year 7 2018 BYOD Registration

Please complete the online expression of interest for the 2018 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program at Elanora SHS for Year 7 2018. This is a general entry class and positions will be filled in order of receipt of EOI, payment of deposit  and booking of an enrolment interview.

* 1. What is the students first name?

* 2. What is the students surname?

* 3. What is the students gender?

* 4. What is the students date of birth?

Date of Birth

* 5. What is the students parents name?

* 6. What is the students mailing address including postcode?

* 7. What is your contact phone number?

* 8. What is your contact email address?

* 9. Do you currently have a suitable BYOD device?

* 10. Student & Parent Agreement.
Please select each of the following statements to confirm that you understand the key requirements of entry to the program.

* 11. Which school do you currently attend?

* 12. Did you participate in the Elanora SHS  Xclerate program in 2017?