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ESG Survey Overview & Instructions

  • The ESG survey is intended for Leadership of OFS companies from relevant domains – operations, sustainability, industry relations, business development, business unit leads
  • Results from the survey will provide insights on the level of ESG maturity of respondents at an aggregate level. The survey content concerns current and future trends in ESG within the OFS industry. Specifically, the survey examines the following:
           – Respondent Profile
           – Current ESG Standing & Trends
           – Maturity by ESG Dimension
  • To properly answer the survey questions, the survey respondent should have visibility into company strategy, operational performance, investments, and historical/ongoing/planned ESG effort
  • Please keep BLANK response only if you feel that you do not have sufficient understanding to answer the question
  • Please contact in case you would have queries regarding the questionnaire
  • Please submit Completed Survey Questionnaire by March 24th, 2022
  • Survey results are CONFIDENTIAL and the results will be present at an aggregate level without disclosing individual answers (please read data confidentiality statement below)

Data confidentiality statement:

Whereas upon submission of this from, DISCLOSING PARTY wishes to share with EWTC & Accenture certain information deemed proprietary by DISCLOSING PARTY which relates to ESG Maturity Assessment.

The parties agree as follows:

EWTC & Accenture agree that they shall not disclose individual data of the DISCLOSING PARTY. However, EWTC shall have the right to disclose in an anonymous and aggregated format the consolidated results of the EWTC ESG Maturity Assessment (hereinafter referred to as the “Survey Report”) and any confidential information contained therein provided that prior to communicating and disclosing the Survey Report, EWTC & Accenture shall (a) consolidate all information received from all such participants and (b) anonymize, redact, or remove any information that would otherwise identify a participant.

EWTC & Accenture will create assessment tools, including benchmarking metrics, benchmarking database(s), data gathering templates, and analytic tools (collectively the “Benchmarking Toolset”).  EWTC & Accenture retains all rights to the Benchmarking Toolset, and any enhancements and modifications to it, and the Benchmarking Toolset is confidential information of EWTC & Accenture.

As part of the Survey Report, DISCLOSING PARTY may provide company data to generate the Survey Report. DISCLOSING PARTY consents to EWTC & Accenture incorporating the data into the Benchmarking Toolset and using it for any lawful purpose relating to the Benchmarking Toolset, provided that EWTC & Accenture does not identify DISCLOSING PARTY outside benchmarking organization as the source of any specific data. EWTC & Accenture shall use at least the same degree of care to avoid improper disclosure or use of the information as it employs with respect to its own proprietary information of like importance.

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* 1. Please submit your corporate email address (Optional, required only if you would like to be eligible for one complimentary spot in ESG Knowledge Sharing Certification Program. If you anonymously submit survey and want your company to be eligible for one complimentary spot, please email Maria Suarez at with a short note that you completed survey)

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