Organiser Information

Welcome to the "Event Submission Survey Monkey Form" for Cancon 2020.

This form is for Organisers who would like to run an event at Cancon 2020.
An "event" is a series of games where people pay to enter, play games for one, two or three days, and can possibly win the event, and win prizes. If this sounds like your event, you need to fill in this form.

Each form will be assessed by the Cancon Organising Group and you will receive an email if your event is accepted or rejected.

Email us at if you have any questions (about the form etc)

Participation games will be a different form. (If you submit a participation game on this form, I will place your game next to the radio controlled tank display.)

Event submission will stay open until October 31st.
Events received by the 1st of October will be listed on the 1st October launch. (The day the ticket system will be turned on)
Events will be listed in the webpage as they are approved, which may occur before tickets are available.


If you have not run an event at Cancon before, or would like to refresh yourself on the guidelines, email for a copy of the "Event Organiser's Guide". BEFORE you continue with this form.