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Arkansas has the opportunity to apply for flexibility from certain requirements of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act, currently known as the No Child Left Behind Act.

The waiver offers the opportunity to request on behalf of the State, school districts and schools to better focus on:
• Improving educational outcomes
• Closing the achievement gaps, and
• Increasing the quality of instruction

The waiver application must address four key principles.
• Principle 1: College and Career Ready Standards and Assessments
• Principle 2: Differentiated Statewide Accountability Systems
• Principle 3: Educator Evaluation Based in Part on Effectiveness at Growing Student Learning
• Principle 4: Reduction in Duplicative, Burdensome Reporting and Administrative Requirements

Please provide the Arkansas Department of Education with your suggestions and ideas to strengthen and improve the state’sArkansas’s ESEA Flexibility Waiver Request. Your feedback is a critical component of our application.