For the first time ever, the ESA Council has now two trainee representatives. This is a golden opportunity for the trainees to contribute to the ESA decision making processes.

The establishment of an effective communication among the ESA Council and Board and the ESA trainees, contributes to inform the European trainees about the many resources ESA has to offer and will allow trainees to express their concerns and projects.

Our initial main goal as ESA Trainee Representatives is to create an active ESA Trainee Network (ESATN).
As the first initiative of the ESATN, an anonymous survey addressed to all Anaesthesiology trainees will be carried out in order to identify the trainee’s main issues and needs. With its results, the most important issue from the trainee´s perspective will be selected and enable the ESA to start a process of improvement.

Thank you for taking the time to compelte the survey and I look forward to hearing from you.

Diogo Sobreira Fernandes
ESA Trainee Representative

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