The Role of Campaign Leaders and Points of Contact

Thank you for stepping forward to register as the campaign leader and point of contact for a family and consumer sciences educator recruitment campaign currently in place or being formed. We understand your campaign may have more than one leader or point of contact, and you will be able to name up to two individuals with this form. We also realize that campaigns can follow various models of organization (scope, participants, activities) and can carry widely different names. However, we want to set up a system that will allow collaborative communications among the leaders of all kindred FCS educator recruitment initiatives. To help showcase our collective efforts and have one central source for recruitment data, we encourage all initiatives to use the online commitment system at

With registration of campaign leaders, AAFCS will be better positioned to support and facilitate collaboration of the various educator recruitment campaign efforts. Having an established network of campaign leaders will provide points of contact for:

• Distribution of information for the national “Say Yes to FCS” social media campaign.
• Distribution of data from the online system recording commitments from potential FCS educator recruiters and from those committing to be future FCS educators.
• Sharing with you information specifically pertinent to campaign leaders and engaging you in dissemination or use of campaign tools (use when/if applicable to your efforts).
• Networking and sharing tools, ideas, success stories, etc. with other campaign leaders.

It is through campaign leaders, like you, that FCS educator recruitment campaigns will be successful! Collaborative efforts will make the campaigns even more successful!