2016/17 Family Survey Early Release Fridays

During the 2014/15 school year the Union #38 and Frontier Regional School Districts  examined different delivery models for professional development and faculty collaboration. In the fall of 2015 the early release Friday schedule was established. The goals of the program include: increased time for faculty to work on school, district and state initiatives, time for faculty to learn and implement research based practices in the classroom and a model that would not overly burden families. The current Friday model represents approximately 3% of the total school year and provides families with a no cost child care option. District personnel are requesting your feedback as we continue to refine our professional development and collaboration model.

* 1. What School(s) does your child attend?

* 2. Current grade level of your child(ren)?

* 3. On early release Fridays my child/children

* 4. The benefits of the Early Release Fridays schedule for my family are:

* 5. The challenges of the Early Release Fridays for my Family are:

* 6. The best day for an early release for my family is: