The partnership between the Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF) and the Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA) provides a more effective means to evaluate and oversee direct independent scientific research and educational initiatives of specific interest in Canada. The two organizations met with industry executives recently to discuss the partnership, which aims to strengthen EREF’s funding of Canadian-based research and scholarships.  During this meeting, key research needs were identified and there was discussion on how the EREF organization will be structured in Canada. We'd like to get your feedback on your specific research needs and the Canadian governance structure.

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* Please indicate how important the following research topics are to you/your company.

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Construction, renovation and demolition recycling
End-of-life vehicle recycling
Hazardous waste management (including recycling)
Landfill management
Organics management
Paper and packaging recycling
Used tire recycling
Waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling
Waste and recycling collection and transportation
Waste management in remote and rural communities

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* What research topics are you interested in related to the above research areas?

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