Welcome and Introduction to ERA Ewaste Recycling Authority

We invite all parties interested in subscribing to the ERA IndWMP or becoming Members of ERA Ewaste Recycling Authority NPC to register here, irrespective if you are legally defined as a “Producer” or not.

1. Register to Attend Consultative Meeting
Could you kindly peruse the dates, times and places scheduled for the consultative seminars published on our website and follow this link REGISTER FOR ERA NPC CONSULTATIVE SEMINAR to register your participation in any of these consultative seminars or send email to erainfo@eranpc.co.za

2. Download ERA IndWMP
The Draft ERA IndWMP Plan is available on our website. Go to http://www.eranpc.co.za to download a copy. You are requested to read the Plan before attending one of our consultative events.

3. Request Meeting / Making Enquiries
If you are not able to attend any of the consultative seminars but consider yourself a key stakeholder in the process, please contact us to enquire about options for bilateral meetings using this email address: erainfo@eranpc.co.za

4. Make Written Submissions
You are encouraged to make written submissions to erainfo@eranpc.co.za or using the hyperlink ERA NPC & IndWMP SUBMISSIONS to provide input on issues that you feel require additional consideration in the final version of the ERA IndWMP.
Click next when you are ready to register