This survey will provide us with information to track the success of our campaign to make EP more public on Psychology Today's therapist finder system. 

We need to be able to track how many people we know for sure have listed energy psychology on their profiles.   We want to be able to inform you of what is going on. 

ACEP has successfully gotten Psychology Today to list Energy  Psychology as one of treatment preferences therapists can select!!!!!     This is a huge deal.    We want to lock in these gains.

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* 1. Did you just sign up with Psychology Today for the first time or were you already an advertiser?

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* 2. Did you select energy psychology as a treatment preference?

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* 4. How Important is this change for you?

0  not important 100 Super important
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 5. Please provide the following contact information, so we can follow up.

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