The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced proposed rules Sept. 20, 2013, to regulate greenhouse gas for new coal-fired power plants. NOW the EPA is holding listening sessions to set rules to regulate greenhouse gas on EXISTING power plants.

These rules are being developed without the approval of Congress, and in spite of opposition from many congressional leaders. The rules may require electric-power companies to install "carbon-capture" technology on existing coal-fired power plants.

The technology needed to meet these new requirements is not commercially viable today, and scientists believe it will not be commercially viable until 2025.

National energy economists estimate that if these regulations for existing power plants (along with additional regulations announced Sept. 20 ) are all implemented, they could double Hoosiers' energy bills.

They also estimate these regulations could eliminate more than 31,000 Indiana jobs.

Yet the EPA admits and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management recognizes these greenhouse-gas regulations would only have a very limited and marginal effect on greenhouse gas in Indiana.

Interestingly, the EPA has chosen not to hold listening sessions on these rules for existing power plants in coal-intense states, like Indiana. Instead, they are holding listening sessions in cities like San Francisco, New York, and Chicago.
The EPA does require public input on such rules. Count on Coal, a grassroots organization that supports the use of coal-fired electric energy, will be collecting your pro-coal comments here electronically -- and will ensure they are hand delivered directly to the EPA during the Nov. 8 listening session in Chicago, Il.

Share your voice on how these rules will impact the economy, jobs and your family's energy bills.
If you would like to provide a comment to be hand-delivered to the Chicago listening session, please click the button below, and complete the online comment card by MIDNIGHT on NOV. 6.