Thank you for your interest in the Better Journeys Social Lab.

Constellation uses the ‘social lab’ as a methodology for driving the change needed to achieve our vision of ending homelessness. This is a process that brings together diverse stakeholders to address complex social problems involving research, experimentation, prototyping and testing solutions.

Our ultimate goal for this social lab is that no young Australian will end up homeless after they leave the custody of youth justice and / or out of home care.

We are working hard to recruit participants with the best possible mix of skills and experiences - across sectors, organisations and life experiences.

The social lab will kick off over two days on Monday 12 April and Tuesday 13 April 2021 in Adelaide.

You will be presented with a thought provoking challenge question that will be the focus of your work in the social lab. Over the course of the kick off you will have the opportunity to join a team of 6-8 and focus on one solution to the challenge question.

Over the next 13 weeks, you’ll work with that same team, supported by Constellation, to research, develop ideas and prototype solutions in response to the challenge question.

Being a lab team member requires a minimum of 10-20% time commitment (4-6 hours per week for 3 months). This time will be used for team check-ins, group working sessions and working independently towards developing your team solution. You will need to attend the 2-day kick off where you will meet your team as well as 3 additional full day workshops across the 13 week period (dates TBC). Your team will be supported by a dedicated coach and project management support from Constellation to guide you through the social lab process and ways of working.

Key Points:
- Work with a team of 6-8 to build a solution
- Commit 4-6 hours per week for 13 weeks
- You must be available for a 2 day kick off on Monday 12 April & Tuesday 13 April

We are specifically looking for people who can bring any of the following skills, experiences and attributes to the lab:
- Research, analysis, synthesis and or design skills
- Expertise in relevant fields including: homelessness, the youth justice system, public health, out of home care (OOHC)
- Lived experience of homelessness, out of home care or the youth justice system
- First Nations perspectives
- Individuals with a passion to drive change in this area and time to devote to progressing the work

If you're interested, tell us by completing the questions below. We'll be in touch to confirm final lab team members in the coming weeks.

Got questions? Ask the Constellation team at:

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* 4. What are your three strongest skills, experiences or attributes that you want to contribute to the team or the project?

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Data science / data analysis
Problem solving / innovation
Agile / project management
Comms / graphic design
Service system design
UX & human centred design
Expertise in youth homelessness
Expertise in youth justice
Expertise in public health
Expertise in housing
Lived experience of homelessness
Lived experience of the youth justice system
Lived experience of the out of home care system
Optional additional questions

We value input from people who have been impacted by the systemic issues we are looking to solve for. Our approach is committed towards putting lived experience and First Nations perspectives at the heart of what we do.

If you wish to disclose, please advise if you have lived experience of homelessness, the youth justice system and/or out of home care.

These questions are optional.

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* 5. Do you have lived experience of homelessness? 
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* 6. 6. Do you have lived experience of the youth justice system?
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* 7. Do you have lived experience of out of home care?
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* 8. Do you identify as Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander?
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Thank you for completing this survey.