Introductory Interview

Please take your time in answering the following questions. Your responses will be considered when making a final hiring decision.  

* 1. Enter your full name and email address.

* 2. Personality Test Results (link to your profile will be found in the email you receive once test is completed:

* 3. Why are you interested in substitute teaching?

* 4. As a substitute teacher it is your responsibility to deliver instruction in the absence of the permanent classroom teacher. Once you arrive for the day, receive the lesson plan and are escorted to the classroom there is a window of time before the students arrive. Describe, in detail, how you would prepare yourself, before the students report to the classroom, to teach and manage students for the day .

* 5. Let’s say you’re teaching the lesson, modeling an example of a 4 step process from beginning to end. You’ve modeled the first two steps and take a formative assessment of the students understanding before moving forward. The outcome reveals that more than of a third of the class missed something in the direct instruction. What adjustments would you make, in the moment, to get those students on track?

* 6. The students are back on track with the content, with the exception of one whose behavior is off task. The student is being slightly disruptive, talking and laughing. This behavior is disrupting their learning and the learning of the students around them since they can’t hear you teaching. Describe, in detail, how do you handle that student?

* 7. Give a list of 5 things a substitute teacher should NEVER do in the classroom:

* 9. Please provide the name, address and contact information for any current or previous employer in which you had contact with children.

* 10. What is your weekly availability?

* 11. What are your grade preferences?

* 12. Do you have a teaching certificate? If so, in what content area?

* 13. When would you be available to start? Provide a start date.

* 14. Referred by (include full name or website):