1. Prioritizing Issues

Rank the following questions according to your sense of priorities for growing the CTI Sharing ecosystem

* 1. Need for wider adoption among and between the sharing communities

* 2. Need for better interoperability between tools for CTI Sharing

* 3. Need for better integration between operational teams and CTI Sharing taxonomies

* 4. Of the following issues, rate which would be your highest priorities

  High Moderate Low
Need for better training on cyber threat hunting tradecraft
Need for standardization of taxonomies for CTI Sharing
Need for better integration and/or communication between sharing communities
Need for better documentation on open sources for data enrichment

* 5. Have you integrated cyber threat analysis into your operational workflows?

* 6. Is your organization currently participating in a CTI Sharing Community?

* 7. How much do your concerns about the quality of the shared data affect your willingness to share?

* 8. Which data format do you use most frequently for cyber threat intelligence sharing?