1. Applicant Information (Please send us your CV by email to: se@britishcouncil.org).

Please complete the following form. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
Only full applications would be considered for the competition.
The pre-selected candidates for the boot camp will be announced on Monday 19 January 2015.

* 1. Primary Contact Email: Provide the most reliable e-mail address available. The World Bank /British Council team will correspond with applicants primarily via e-mail. Failure to provide a working address may prevent you from receiving our notifications.

* 2. Last Name: Enter last name (surname) of the person who will be the primary contact with the Wrold Bank /British Council team.

* 3. First Name: Enter first name of primary contact.

* 4. Primary Telephone number: Provide your telephone number ( ex 212660000000 ) 

* 5. Secondary Contact Email: Indicate a secondary e-mail address if available. This address will only be used if we are unable to reach you via the primary e-mail.

* 6. Type of Applicant:

* 7. Team members/partners (if applicable): Provide names, phone numbers and emails (not more than 4 potential partners if applicable) and key role of each.

* 8. Have you ever run a business?

* 9. Was/is it your own business?

* 10. How would you describe your entrepreneurship abilities? If you own/owned an enterprise or business or run a business, please describe in few lines your experience (project idea, market/sales, success, failure…).

* 11. Have you ever worked for an association?

* 12. What was the social mission of the association (if applicable)?: Describe in few words the name and social mission of the association.

* 13. How would you describe your experience with social work? Briefly describe any social work (most relevant ones) you have been involved in and what was your role and if you feel your work had any positive impact.

* 14. Have you ever been involved in social enterprise work?

* 15. Briefly describe your experience in the social enterprise sector (if applicable): Describe any previous or ongoing experience in social enterprise sector that in your point of view would be valuable for your application. Also, please clarify what are your main motivations/interests for participating in this social enterprise business plan competition. Finally, why do you think you can be a successful social entrepreneur?

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