I. What is Engage?

Welcome to Engage 2019 - Corporate Communication Volunteer Registration Form. Your giving back to the community means a lot to us.
What is Engage?
Jockey Club Engage Digital Exploration is the pathway for NGOs to learn and leverage digital tools and techniques to effectively communicate with their stakeholders.

What is the Corporate Communication Series about?
Corporate Communication (or Strategic Communication), covers a wide scope ranging from stakeholder relation, media, internal communications, advocacy, fundraising, spokesmanship, etc. The focus of this series will be on external communication.

NGO learning outcome:
- Learn what Corporate Communication means in a nonprofit context and why it matters
- Understand how communications intersect with marketing and fundraising
- Practice developing a strategic communication plan i.e. define your organization's core message, stratify your audience, identify content assets and delivery channels
- Learn how to craft and deliver a compelling story, and practice the delivery techniques

At the end of the entire training, there will be three winning NGOs who receive awards for free professional video production services.
To be eligible for this program, the volunteer must be: 
- based in Hong Kong
- a business professional with at least 3 years of work experience from any background

Key Dates & Location
- Equip session: 17-May 2019 (Fri) 9am - 2pm 
- Build session*: 31-May 2019 (Fri) 9am - 5pm 
*(Only selected teams will be move on to Build session)

Pico Tower, 66 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong  
(The Hong Kong Management Association's Learning Centre)
*Note: Priority will be given to volunteers who can attend both sessions.