1. Introduction

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This survey aims to evaluate the attitudes, beliefs and concerns of people with MS, their carers, relatives and healthcare team, about end of life issues such as assisted suicide, low mood and advance decisions. Such issues have recently received considerable media attention, such as Debbie Purdy’s campaign to clarify the law on assisted suicide. This survey has been designed by Barts and The London Hospital NHS Trust in association with the MS Society, with the kind advice of a number of people with MS. The purpose of this collaboration is to provide evidence that will lead to better patient education and management in the future.

Most people with MS will live decades after diagnosis. As a result, it is not right to consider MS terminal in the same way that, for example, certain aggressive cancers are considered terminal. But it is a serious long-term condition that can, in severe cases, lead to death.

It is quite understandable if you feel that some or all of the issues covered in this survey are NOT applicable to you. Nevertheless these issues need to be addressed and we would very much value your opinion!

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