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Stakeholder needs and challenges survey

*“Newly Arrived Migrant Students (NAMS) are defined as persons up to 18 years of age, born outside their current country of residence to parents also born outside this host country and who have arrived in the EU host country during or before the age of compulsory education and enter formal education in their host country”.
Dear participant,

Welcome to the ENACTED Stakeholder needs and challenges survey. The ENACTED project aims at establishing a new and currently absent, yet much needed, international online networking platform connecting European Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Primary and Secondary Schools that work with Newly Arrived Migrant Students (NAMS) focusing on providing Quality and Inclusive Education for all learners.

As such, ENACTED steps in to facilitate the collection, analysis, evaluation, and exchange of promising CSOs’ practices by offering a database and useful tool in the form of a networking platform that CSOs and schools can use to advance their work and upscale their effectiveness.

For these purposes, the present survey invites you to take part and answer the following questions that would help us design and implement an effective and responsible programme that will take into consideration your needs and wishes as well as the challenges you have encountered along the way.

Your participation is valuable to us and will remain anonymous. You are not required to identify yourself when completing any of the questions. By filling this questionnaire you accept that the information gathered here will be used solely for the purpose of the project, and that your personal information and opinions could be anonymously published in some of the results of the ENACTED project. If you have any concerns, please contact Ioanna Garefi ( or Sofia Kantsiou (

We thank you for your participation and we look forward to discovering your views.

ENACTED project team

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