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Welcome to the pilot of the Erasmus Mundus Staff Self Assessment Tool.

You will be asked to rate 13 indicators of best practice and indicate whether a series of evidence points for each indicator are present at your university. These mainly focus on joint programmes, although the questions can be applied to Erasmus Mundus Action 2, as well as other study abroad programmes. We believe the indicators set out much good practice in relation to all international marketing.

The survey should be completed by any staff with marketing and recruitment responsibilities for Erasmus Mundus at your university. The results are aggregated automatically to give you a snapshot of how you are doing. Clearly the more people who undertake the survey, the more reliable the results. The aggregated results can be seen here: http://tinyurl.com/em-sut-allstaff

If your university has volunteered to run a pilot workshop, with the EM-Ace team, the questions and results will be discussed in that session to ensure the survey is effective as possible.

If you aren’t running a workshop, but have been invited to test this survey, please fill in the final pilot feedback boxes.

After the pilot phase, this survey will be available for all universities to use free of charge.

Finally, thank you for making the time to help us make this survey as robust and useful as possible.

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