The Engineering Learning Conference 2018 is a time and place to share the ways in which we can all better engineer learning for our students. Through panel presentations, round table discussions, interactive workshops, innovative practice sessions and other formats, we will come together to think deeply about teaching and learning.

The 2018 Engineering Learning Conference will be held on Tuesday August 14, 2018.

Proposals to present must be completed in this survey form no later than 5:00 pm on Sunday April 22, 2018. We will inform all submitters of acceptance status no later than May 1, 2018. Contact Sam Spiegel ( if you have questions.

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Session Formats

Share Out Sessions provide an opportunity to share either an innovative practice or something you have researched related to teaching & learning. These should provide substantive sharing for about 20 minutes, with about 5-10 minutes for Q&A, interactivity, and/or structured feedback. Excellent proposals are well situated in prior teaching and learning literature or in the theoretical framework(s) that drove the research. You may share a short paper as part of the session, but a formal paper is not required.

Round Table Discussions should be focused on a problem of practice, Engineering Learning opportunities, enhancing the student learning experience at Mines, and/or posing interesting questions to discuss with your colleagues. These sessions should outline the topic or question, why this might be of interest to others, and what information might be gathered from the discussion. These discussions will be slated for about 25 minutes at each table.

Panel Sessions are intended to engage participants in multiple perspectives on a given issue related to engineering learning. These are 50 minutes in length. These sessions are intended to have a broader impact on learning and education, be of value and interest to attendees, enhance the knowledge of the session participants, and help attendees engineer learning.

Poster Sessions are for those who have organized their ideas into a coherent poster that can be displayed for others to review. You have the opportunity to stand by the poster to answer questions and interact with your peers as they learn about your efforts.

Short Workshops are for those who have something to teach other faculty. Two-hours is the recommended time slot, but we can consider alternate lengths. The workshop should have clear learning outcomes for participants and should actively engage participants in a learning opportunity.

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* 10. Session Description: In less than 200 words, please provide an accurate description of the session and what participants will enjoy and get out of the session. This abstract will be included in the conference program.

* 11. Outcomes: What will participants know and/or be able to do after active participation in the session? In other words, what will they get out of the session? Please indicate at least one outcome.

* 12. Please list any co-authors/co-presenters on this proposal in the order they should appear in the program. If a co-author is not affiliated with Mines, please also include their institutional affiliation.

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