1. ELTU0303 The Way of All Flesh - Event Summary

The results of this adventure will have an impact on the future development of the LFR campaign. Please fill in the following questionnaire. If you have more detailed feedback, we would love to hear from you on the LFR Community, in the LFR Adventures forum. Thanks!

* 1. Did the PCs cleanse the shrine to Lathander?

* 2. Did the PCs engage in the skill challenge to save the transmogrified servants?

* 3. What happened to Praeg?

* 4. What happened to Arbosus's phylactery?

* 5. What happened to Arbosus?

* 6. If the PCs gave the phylactery or the captured lich to Everyn Cadwy, did they then agree to ask questions of Arbosus for Daness?

* 7. What happened to the quasit Bellavous?

* 8. (Optional) How do the players and DM rate this adventure on a scale from 1-5 (1 = Worst Possible, 3 = Average, 5 = Best Possible)?

  Worst possible rating Below expectations Average / met expectations Above expectations Best possible rating
Players' Rating
DM's Rating