The Equity Leaders Institute (ELI) offers a distinctive learning opportunity tailored for educators dedicated to advancing education equity within their local contexts. This event is open to individuals from school boards, state municipalities, school districts, or other governmental units responsible for operating public schools, as well as those from federally funded technical assistance and dissemination centers.

ELI participants delve into collaborative learning experiences carefully crafted to foster in-depth discussions, critical examination, and strategic planning. The application process serves as a means for ELI planners to understand potential participants' needs and interests, informing the design of session content and activities.

It's essential to note that ELI is designed for individuals with a comprehensive understanding of essential equity concepts and who are actively leading equity initiatives in their local communities. Each person interested in attending ELI must complete an individual application, as group applications are not accepted. Applicants are expected to demonstrate a strong grasp of core equity principles to gain admission to the institute.

If the individual application process presents challenges for you or others from your organization, please reach out to us at or (317) 278-3493, and we'll work to find a solution. Admitted applicants will receive immediate access to register for the event.