Community Forum Worksheet

NOW THAT YOU’VE HAD a chance to participate in a forum on this issue, we’d like to know what you’re thinking. Anonymous responses will be included in summary reports on the forums and in research to help us better understand how people are thinking about current issues.
Here is a reminder of actions you discussed in your forums:

a) Eliminate the Electoral College and use the popular vote instead.

b) Offer in-person early voting for 15 days for at least 10 hours a day.

c) Increase participation in primaries by ending registration by party.

d) Require photo ID from voters in all federal, state, and local elections.

e) Make Election Day a national holiday as other countries do.

f) Have nonpartisan commissions, rather than politicians, draw up voting districts.

g) Automatically register all those eligible to vote when they get their driver’s licenses.

h) Use only voting machines that scan voter-prepared paper ballots.

i) Remove voters from registration rolls if they haven’t voted recently.

j) Make it easier to run for office by publicly funding candidates and easing requirements.

k) Require voters to give a valid reason, such as travel or illness, for absentee voting.

l) Allow people who have completed prison sentences to vote.

Question Title

* 1. Which THREE actions do you most strongly SUPPORT?

Question Title

* 2. Which THREE actions do you most strongly OPPOSE?

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* 3. Are there any actions above you still feel UNSURE about?

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* 4. What else could be done at the community, state, or national level to address this problem?

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* 5. Did you talk about aspects of the issue you hadn’t considered before?

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* 6. Were there ideas or proposals that you tended to favor coming into the forum that you now have second thoughts about?