San Francisco’s Expanded Learning Collaborative
(formerly known as the Afterschool for All Initiative)
Work Group Application
An Opportunity to Shape the Out of School Time Experiences of Youth Throughout the City

Deadline to submit application is September 6, 2013.

San Francisco’s Expanded Learning Collaborative: Making the Most of Out of School Time for K‐12 Youth invites you to apply to participate in one of its two work groups. Formerly known as the Afterschool for All Initiative, San Francisco’s Expanded Learning Collaborative aims to provide a diversity of quality out of school time learning opportunities for all youth in Kindergarten to 12th grade who want them.

San Francisco is home to more than 52,000 elementary and school age youth and nearly 25,000 high school age youth, all of whom need positive learning opportunities and activities in the hours and days that they are not in school. Out-of-school time covers the wide range of programs that promote learning and enhance the cognitive, social, physical, artistic and/or civic development during the after school hours and summers.

In 2005, Mayor Gavin Newsom and then Superintendent of Schools Gwen Chan made a pledge to support the creation of a citywide afterschool system that would address existing challenges and aim to provide “afterschool for all” elementary and middle school children. Since that time, the city, school district, parent and youth representatives, and other community partners have been working together to meet two goals:
• Increase access to out of school time programs for all K-12 youth who want them
• Enhance the quality of out of school time programs serving K-12 youth

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The Expanded Learning Collaborative uses work groups of volunteers to ensure a broad group of voices are represented in its efforts and to ground its efforts in practitioners, family members’ and school staffs experiences. These work groups provide input on objectives defined by the Expanded Learning Collaborative’s Policy Council. For the past five years, most individuals who participate in work groups have rated their experience as highly valuable to them as individuals as well as to the growth and development of their programs and organizations.

Time commitments and focus of each work varies as described below:

1. Fostering Understanding About OST Financial Sustainability Work Group: The purpose of this work group is to provide input on messaging for providers, school staff and families about how OST programs are funded. In addition to helping those groups better understand how OST programs in San Francisco are supported, the work group will also work on how those messages can be best delivered (i.e. venues, messengers, etc).
Time commitment: 1.5 hour meeting every other month and about 1 hour per month for additional tasks between meetings.

2. Summer Learning Network/Work Group: The purpose of this network/work group is to promote awareness of the importance of summer learning programs, foster the adoption of citywide tools (such as the Summer Quality Self Assessment and the Core Competencies) among providers and funders, and to provide input on citywide professional development events for summer programs.
Time commitment: 1.5 hour meeting every other month and about 1 hour per month for additional tasks between meetings.

Application Process
Please complete your online application by September 6, 2013. You will be notified that your application has been received. You will be notified about the status of your application by late September.

More Information
For more information about these work groups and the efforts of the Expanded Learning Collaborative, please review the website which houses the Council’s previous efforts (previously known as AFA) at: Any questions, you can contact Jackie Gomez at