Welcome and Instructions

The Ohio Department of Education convenes the Ohio English Learner Advisory Committee to explore issues of policy development and implementation, focusing on Ohio’s English proficiency standards, the related English language proficiency screener and test, and state policies that affect instruction, curriculum, professional supports, leadership and funding for English learners.  

The Department is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for membership to the committee. No differentiation will be made based on race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, veteran status or the presence of a disability.

It is anticipated the committee, at minimum, will meet twice annually. Meetings likely will be during the week and last a full day. Meetings typically are held in the central Ohio area. The applicant should plan for release time from job responsibilities for one day for each meeting. Committee members serve without compensation; however, travel, meals and overnight accommodation expenses are reimbursed at state rates. 

Submission: Upon submission of an application, the applicant should expect the following:
  •  A confirmation will be sent acknowledging the submission of the application;
  • Department staff person may contact the applicant for a brief interview and/or to discuss your application;
  • Department staff will review all information submitted by the applicant;
  • Applicants who are selected for membership will be notified in writing of such appointment;
  • Newly appointed members shall be invited to the next committee meeting. 
If you have questions about the committee or membership or need assistance with the application process, please contact the Lau Resource Center at lau@education.ohio.gov or (614) 466-4109.

If you need more space to answer any question or explain any of your answers, please send additional documents to lau@education.ohio.gov. Answer “none” or “not applicable” where appropriate. Applicants will receive an email confirmation within five business days of submission of the application.

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