1. 2015 Environmental Justice Learning Group - Registration Form

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Hello and welcome! You're invited to join the 2015 Environmental Justice Learning Group with the Social Justice Fund NW. Please take a few minutes to fill out the registration form.

This registration form includes 3 parts:

1) Your contact information,
2) Optional demographics, and
3) Information about your experience and skills in Environmental justice (FYI: There is NO minimum or maximum level of expertise required to join a Learning Group! It's a Learning Group, after all. We'll use this information to better prepare for each session.)

You will receive a welcome email with your confirmation and details about the first meeting by mid-July.

If you have any questions regarding this form, please email Yasmeen Perez at yasmeen@socialjusticefund.org or call our office at 206-624-4081 x103.

NOTE: This is a multi-page survey! Please click 'next' at the bottom of the page to complete the survey.

Thank you! We're looking forward to working with you.

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* 1. Participant's Contact information

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* 2. I am registering for the following Learning Group:

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* 3. I confirm that I have reviewed all Learning Group dates. I am available for all meeting dates and will attend.

*** The Environmental Justice Learning Group Reader will be available on July 8th***

Wednesday, July 22 | 6-9 pm
#1: Study Group Session
• An introduction to Social Justice Fund and the Learning Group
• Build a shared framework of Environmental justice and racial justice
• Group discussion based on the texts/videos in the Environmental Justice Learning Group Reader
• Learn about making a meaningful gift and basic fundraising

Thursday, Aug 13 | 6-9 pm
#2: Public Event: "The Front Lines of Change: Climate Justice & Communities of Color"
• Continue to learn about climate in-justice and communities of color, and the movement led by "front line" communities to organize for environmental and climate justice.
• Meet organizers and other SJF members
• Learn about other ways to get involved with SJF and environmental justice organizing

Thursday, October 15 | 6-9 pm
#3: Celebration
• Celebrate our success with members of the 2015 Environmental Justice Giving Project
• Meet SJF's 2015 Environmental Justice grantees

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* 4. I understand that by registering for the Environmental Justice Learning Group I will...

- Participate in a study group style learning session, including reading a small selection of texts.
- Attend and invite others to join me at the public event which will be a fundraiser benefit for the Environmental Justice Giving Project
- Make a meaningful gift to support the Environmental Justice Giving Project
- Have conversations with 2 people about Social Justice Fund and ask them to support the Environmental Justice Giving Project