Introduction to Vermont's Certification for Early Intervention

After 18 months of focused discussions with partners, Children’s Integrated Services (CIS) Part C – Early Intervention (EI) is pleased to announce a new Certification for Early Intervention.

What is the Early Intervention Certification? Certification is an initial and ongoing process of assuring professional quality provision of early intervention services to families. 

Why is a Certification needed in Vermont? The Early Intervention Certification will:
- Establish a consistent set of standards among a diverse group of professionals with varying formal education and experiences.
- Assure families with infants and toddlers of the quality of personnel providing them with EI supports and services.
- Support on-going personnel development for new and seasoned practitioners.
- Build a bridge to billing Medicaid.
In the future, the State CIS Team seeks to embed the Certification into Vermont’s Comprehensive System of Personnel Development so that practitioners can use these standards to map out their career goals.

Who needs to be certified? Current and newly hired Early Interventionists should follow the certification process, whose job descriptions include some or all of the following: service coordination; screening, evaluation, and ongoing assessment; and direct services such as special instruction. For a complete description, please refer to Appendix 1 of the CIS contract since job titles within each agency may vary.

Professionals who have attained a Vermont License for Early Childhood Special Education Birth through Age 6 and who perform EI services will be certified through a simplified process. Individuals who have attained an Early Childhood and Family Mental Health (ECFMH) Credential will also follow a simplified process.

Licensed Speech and Language Pathologists and Occupational or Physical Therapists are not required to attain this Certification but are welcome to apply.

How do I become certified?  
Submit this online application and follow the other steps to certification outlined in the Instructions for Early Intervention Certification.   Your supervisor will have a copy of this document.

Who do I contact for more information? For more information about the Certification process, contact Sheri Lynn,, 802-434-6089 (office) or 802-434-0981 (cell).