2016 Prioritization of New Topics: Survey

Please complete this survey by Friday, 7 July 2017. If you have any questions, contact Ms. Jennifer Pierson, jpierson@hesiglobal.org

* 1. Please enter your name and email address.

* 2. Please enter your affiliation.

The following topics were presented for consideration at the June 2017 HESI Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. Please rank the proposals below (3=high, 2=medium, 1=low).

HIGH (3)  = My organization would be willing to commit resources (i.e., “sweat equity” and/or financial support) for this project.

MEDIUM (2) = My organization may be willing to commit resources to support this project.

LOW (1) = My organization is not likely to commit resources for this project.

Past experience with the HESI EI Process indicates that a topic with the best chance of developing into a successful program / project possesses some or all of the following characteristics:

• The topic identifies an issue with the potential to be resolved.
• The topic presents an issue that is best resolved through tripartite partnerships among scientists from government, academia and industry.
• The topic provides a foundation for developing sound science for emerging regulatory and public health issues.
• The topic provides an opportunity to make significant contributions on an international level.

Note - these proposals should be ranked independently (i.e. they can be ranked the same, it does not need to be a choice between one or other.) HESI will select 0-2 proposals to move forward in the Fall dependent on the results of this survey, staffing and resources.


* 3. 2017 Topics: Please rank the proposals below.

  1 (Low) 2 (Medium) 3 (High)
Improving fate and ecotoxicity assessment tools to advance the ecological risk assessment of difficult to test multi-component substances. (View full proposal and slides online.)
Development and Application of a Generic Tool for Performing Ecological Risk Assessments of Multiple Stressors. (View full proposal and slides online.)
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