NewSchools Venture Fund (NewSchools) is pleased to introduce its inaugural Learning to Teach Entrepreneur in Residence Program in partnership with Teach For America. In the summer of 2013, we are inviting up to two individuals or up to two teams of two from Teach For America’s Alumni network to become Entrepreneur(s) in Residence (EIRs) and spend from six to ten months laying the groundwork for a new organization that will prepare teachers for schools in low income communities. The EIR is a unique position that enables new education entrepreneurs to spend time early on in their idea generation stage, developing fresh solutions and incubating innovations that will transform the field of teacher preparation.

NewSchools is a nonprofit venture philanthropy firm that identifies and supports promising entrepreneurs, helping them to build strong organizations to improve public education, especially in underserved communities. We are focused on transforming the preparation of beginning teachers in America, connecting preparation to the real world of outstanding classroom practice and holding both training programs and individual teachers accountable for their classroom impact. We look forward to reviewing your online Statement of Intent.

This online Statement of Intent is due by 5 PM PST on Monday, April 8, 2013. No late applications will be considered.

2013 Application Cycle:

• March 5: Application period opens
• April 8: Applications due by 5 PM PST
• April 15 – April 25: Interviews Round 1
• May 3: Finalists contacted
• May 17: Finalist Venture Prospectus emailed to NewSchools by 5 PM PST
• May 22 – May 24: Finalists Interviews Round 2
• June 7: EIR(s) announced
• July/August: EIR(s) begin residency with NewSchools

* 1. Please provide the following information:

* 2. If you are a team, please provide the following information for the second member:

NewSchools has offices in Oakland, Boston, and Washington D.C. Where it makes sense to work from one of these offices, we will happily accommodate. We will also accommodate a virtual office, on a case by case basis, depending on context.

* 3. Where do you prefer to be located during your residency with NewSchools?

NewSchools aims to profoundly disrupt the current teacher preparation market by unleashing talent in generating bold, innovative solutions. We are actively pursuing social entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of designing and implementing solutions that can address the root causes of teacher preparation at a systemic scale. Ideal candidates include early stage entrepreneurs who are:

• Designing new teacher preparation programs and taking a performance-based approach to preparing teachers for high-need areas, such as the STEM disciplines, rural communities and blended learning environments.

• Developing ways to scale teacher preparation content through online avenues including the potential for massive open online courses (MOOCs).

• Exploring the development of new online and video tools that can:
o Simulate teaching “at-bat” practice of core teaching practices in the classroom
o Efficiently evaluate the candidacies of prospective teachers,
o Access video examples of teaching practice and to analyze easily one’s own teaching practice
o Connect novice teachers with experienced, effective mentors and coaches
o Evaluate reliably the impact of novice teachers

* 4. Describe your idea and tell us how it will tranform teacher preparation in the United States (250 words or less)

* 5. Your geographic context: Describe the community you plan to work in and the population of teachers you will serve (250 words or less)

* 6. How did you come up with your idea? (500 words or less)

* 7. Explain your idea in detail and how you will use the Entrepreneur in Residence position to develop and launch your venture (2,000 words or less)

* 8. How will you measure success? (500 words or less)

* 9. Why are you the right person/team to launch this proposed venture? (500 words or less)

* 10. Email your resume to Susan Cheng - scheng@newschools.org

Please be sure your document follows the following naming convention:

Example: Jane Smith's resume would be named:
"Smith_Jane_Resume2013.pdf" (Note: For teams of two, please email both resumes.)

* 11. By typing my name in the box below, I affirm that I have provided authentic information on my application for consideration.(For teams of two, please type in both names)

* 12. Please share - How did you hear about this opportunity?

Please address all application questions to Susan Cheng at scheng@newschools.org. Thank you!