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Name: Michael Smith
Employer: UC Berkeley
PhD Degree and year: Molecular Biology, 2009
PhD Institute: Princeton University

Formerly a graduate student with Michael Hecht and currently a Postdoc at Berkeley, I am well-versed in a variety of subjects and techniques in molecular biology and biochemistry. My main projects have involved generating, characterizing, and screening libraries of proteins for applications in synthetic biology and bioenergy. Among my responsibilities has been managing research subgroups of 3 to 7 members. I have also taken on leadership positions such as the presidency of the Berkeley Postdoctoral Association. I find teaching concepts and techniques to scientific novices very fulfilling. In that vein, I have helped to organize events that share science with the public, such as a symposium to examine how science is portrayed in the media and
entertainment industries, and a showcase to aquaint the local community with biofuels research. I hope to eventually transition to a position that allows me to make high-level scientific concepts accessible and engaging to non-experts

 science outreach
 public/investor relations
 science policy
 synthetic biology
 bioenergy/biofuels
 protein engineering
Team Skills:
 Managed teams of 3-7; one project garnered substantial media attention upon publication
 Led 2 semesters of classes to educate non-scientists about socially relevant topics in biology
 Engaged in a variety of critical audiences with over 30 technical of informational presentations
Technical Skills:
 Libraries via error-prone PCR, DNA shuffling, assembling oligos containing degenerate codons
 Site-directed mutagenesis, various molecular cloning techniques, protein purification
 Flow cytometry, in vivo screens/selections, lab robotics, circular dichroism, gel filtration
Analytical Skills:
 DNA and amino acid sequence analysis (BLAST, COBALT, CLUSTALW. etc.)
 Substantial use of Guava InCyte software (flow cytometry), Microsoft excel
 Extensive use of ApE plasmid editor; limited experience with Perl

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