Dear Parents,
We all benefit when we contribute to our children’s experiences at the School. Serving as a Room Parent or Parent Association committee chair is one of the most important ways that you can contribute to the Echo Horizon community. There are 29 PA committees, ranging from community service, fundraising, event planning, and the arts. Responsibilities and time commitments vary, ensuring that there are opportunities that can accommodate all schedules.

Please take a moment to read through the following descriptions to see what you would most enjoy doing and where your special skills can make a difference.

In the interest of fostering maximum parent participation, each parent may chair only one committee, but everyone is welcome to volunteer to participate in as many as they wish! (There will be a separate sign up for non-Chair volunteers in the summer).


Jeff Bynum and Jessica Samet, 2014-15 Parent Association Co-Presidents
Tracey Ayeni and Jennifer Roggenkamp, 2014-15 Parent Association Co-Vice Presidents

Directions and guidelines for completing this online form:
Please indicate your interest in a leadership position listed below by typing your name in corresponding box.
You may submit your name to multiple positions.
You can nominate someone you feel would excel at any of these positions by entering their name.
You may type more than one name in a box.
Please complete this survey by April 28.

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