EHP Biofutures Roadmap - Waste Opportunities & Policy Options

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We want to harness the feedback and ideas from a wide range of stakeholders across the state, along the waste and energy value chains, from waste generators and collectors (municipal, commercial, industrial and agricultural) through to processors, technology providers and end-product users.
The Queensland Government has developed the Advance Queensland Biofutures 10-year Roadmap and Action Plan (Biofutures Roadmap) as one of its flagship initiatives. The goal is to diversify and transition the state economy down a new path of innovation that builds on the state’s strong history of bioenergy and biofuels production.  The Government’s vision is for a $1 billion sustainable and export-oriented sector that attracts significant international investment and creates high-value and high-skilled jobs, particularly in regional areas, whilst providing an alternative to fossil fuel based products. The Biofutures Roadmap aims to position Queensland as a national and international leader in this space.

Waste materials are expected to play a leading role as feedstocks in innovative processes to produce sustainable energy, fuels and other bio-products. This includes a broad range of organic waste materials and residues as well as energy-rich inorganic wastes (e.g. tyres, plastics); from a range of municipal, commercial, industrial and agricultural sources. This will also contribute to the Government’s priorities around better management of waste and increasing resource recovery. The outputs are expected to be a range of fuels, chemicals, plastics and other products, and energy in various forms, which would conventionally be produced from fossil fuels. 

As such the Government is currently undertaking a review, supported by consultants Arcadis, of waste streams that might present feedstock opportunities for production of energy and bio-products. The scope includes an assessment of market barriers and policy options to support the realisation of those opportunities. The review will inform Government about the potential opportunities, and deliver options and recommendations to Government on addressing potential market barriers and policy responses.

We want to harness the feedback and ideas of a wide range of stakeholders across the state, along the waste and energy value chains. We want to hear about potential feedstocks and project opportunities, barriers that have been encountered, and ideas on what the Queensland Government could do to remove or help overcome those barriers.

This survey provides an opportunity for you to provide specific input to help shape future policy directions in Queensland and identify solutions which will contribute to the Biofutures Roadmap. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey, it should take no longer than around 15 minutes. All individual responses will be kept confidential and only aggregated response data will be presented in the review project report, which will be made public. If a question is not relevant to you, you may leave it blank.

The review and stakeholder consultation is being led by Dominic Schliebs at Arcadis (07 3337 0010, and Matt Arthur at EHP (07 3330 5159,

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