Questionnaire for the production of an Innovation and Research Programme
- Introduction page

Dear colleague and expert,

You are cordially invited to participate in the production of a European Innovation and Research Program (EIRP) dedicated to the sustainable, added-value use of hardwood species in Europe.

This action is the official kick-off activity of the “European Hardwoods Innovation Alliance – EHIA”, which represents a trans-national, multi-actor collaboration in Europe.

The European Commission Services accepted EHIA already as a commitment under the European Innovation Partnership for Raw Materials (ID 669).

The overall aim of the EHIA is to create a focused alliance ONLY dedicated to hardwood species as a complementary potential field for innovations.  It will not replace evolutions and innovations in existing forest-based value chains that are built upon softwood species.

EHIA will coordinate the know-how and the critical mass leading to breakthroughs in innovation, research and education and it will create new qualified employment in smart rural regions within Europe. The timeframe is considered to facilitate collaboration with a long-term perspective (2025 and beyond).

With this questionnaire we reach out to all stakeholders in research and industry and encourage you to forward this invitation to any interested person.

The alliance runs under the umbrella of InnovaWood in close collaboration with the European Forest Institute (EFI).

Via the link below you can proceed to the questionnaire.

The EHIA questionnaire will be open from 13th September 2016 until 12 CET on 14 October.

We are looking forward to receiving your research and innovation ideas, accordingly we will keep you informed on the progress in the EHIA activities.

Yours sincerely,                                                 

Gus Verhaeghe                                                           Marc Palahi

Secretary General InnovaWood                                  Director European Forest Institute