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1. EGF Parks and Rec Improvements Survey

Reinvest in OUR community.

Primary recreational facilities in the City of East Grand Forks require comprehensive investment to continue to serve our residents and activity participants in a safe and healthy manner. Growing need for improvements of our current facilities and demand for new and expanded recreation offerings has been identified by community members, including a wider range of activities, including athletics, while promoting an active lifestyle for all citizens. Now is the time to reinvest in our community to ensure a lasting legacy of health and well-being for the City of East Grand Forks.

Four (4) primary recreational facilities require extensive upgrades and improvements in order to continue to serve the community of East Grand Forks in a high capacity. The Civic Center and VFW Arena both have identified various deficiencies and short comings that have been documented in the East Grand Forks Feasibility
Study conducted in November 2019. The Blue Line Club Arena and Stauss Park have also identified deficiencies or shortcomings that will be important to address as part of a comprehensive reinvestment plan for the City’s recreation and athletic facilities. In community surveys conducted throughout 2020, resident feedback steered the importance of reinvesting in each of these important facilities for the betterment of East Grand Forks.

Overall Project Goals

1. Transform participant and user experience and performance through upgraded facility amenities.
2. Improve functionality and building flexibility that promotes expanded recreation offerings for entire community
3. Improved building operating efficiency
4. Improved safety and access for all participants and spectators - Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion.

Individual Projects Goals

1. Civic Center Site
a. Building enhancements including mechanical and electrical system replacement and upgrades.
b. Overall safety and access improvements to all areas of the facility.
c. Site and parking improvements promoting accessibility, safety, and building maintainability.
d. New and reconfigured ballfields to support program development and expanded offerings
e. Improved ball field access and participant safety
f. Spectator experiences through enhanced viewing and seating areas.

2. VFW & BLC Site
a. Refrigeration system and ice slab replacement – increase longevity of arena.
b. Interior environment enhancements through building system replacements and upgrades including dehumidification unit for all-year ice availability at the VFW Memorial Arena.
c. Spectator enhancements through improved viewing and seating areas.
d. Building connection to BLC supporting a two-ice sheet facility – shared synergies through common access and viewing areas.
e. Improved community access to arena spaces for year round health and wellness programming
f. Site and parking improvements promoting accessibility, safety, and building maintainability.

1. Reduce building operating costs with updated systems and building controls
2. Expanded recreation offerings and growth in community participation.
3. Further serve as a regional center, having these facilities frequently used by visitors of our community for programming, tournaments, and special events; driving increased revenue generating potential.

You can view the full concept plan here (copy and paste link into your browser): 

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* 4. Of those living in your household, how many are under the age of 18? 

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* 5. What programs, activities, or facilities do you and your family currently participate in or use? (Check all that apply)

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* 6. Are there programs or activities that you would like to see offered by Parks and Recreation?

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* 7. Would you support a 1.5% sales tax increase to help fund a portion of these projects?

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