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Thank you for helping us to make Enchanted Forest Gathering the best possible event it can be by providing your feedback. This survey is only for those who have recently attended the festival this year: June 9th - 11th 2017
This survey has six sections including camping, music, arts, yoga, and overall vibes. Please answer each question as honestly and completely as possible so that we can try our best to incorporate as many great ideas into this year's event as we possibly can.
Thank you for your time.

* 1. Your Info. 

* 2. Gender

* 3. Age range

* 4. How would you describe your occupation? (For example:  Student, Artist, Business Owner, Server, Bartender, Writer, Photographer, etc.)

* 5. In no particular order, what are your three favorite hobbies? (Examples: Photography, Music Production, Model Plane Painting, etc.)

* 6. What are the last three songs you listened to?

* 7. In addition to 2017, have you attended Enchanted Forest Gathering in any past years?

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